Hidden Lake Trail – A Hiker’s Paradise

Introduction to Hidden Lake Trail

Hidden Lake Trail, located in the heart of Glacier National Park, is a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking a memorable outdoor experience. This trail showcases the magnificence of alpine landscapes, with expansive views of snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows, and turquoise glacial lakes, providing an unrivaled scenic tour de force that will leave a hiker in awe.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled in Logan Pass, the highest point on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, Hidden Lake Trail is at the very core of the park’s transportation infrastructure. The trailhead, located just behind the Logan Pass Visitor Center, is a beacon for both novice and experienced hikers due to its accessibility. The trail, being high in the mountains, provides a rare opportunity to explore an alpine environment without the exertion typically required for such a trek.

Trail Features: A Visual Treat

Hidden Lake Trail is not merely a pathway to a destination; it is an adventure that immerses the hiker in Glacier National Park’s rich tapestry of biodiversity. The trail passes through terrain ranging from dense forests dotted with Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir to flower-carpeted meadows filled with a vibrant blend of Indian paintbrush, glacier lilies, and beargrass.

Taking center stage on this journey is the pristine Hidden Lake itself. Nestled in a cirque carved by prehistoric ice masses, the lake appears as an azure jewel, flanked by rugged, glacier-crowned mountains. The transparency of its waters mirrors the open sky, creating an unforgettable blend of blue hues that is a veritable feast for the eyes.

Wildlife Encounters

Hidden Lake Trail serves as a gateway to an array of wildlife. Here, one can witness a unique blend of animals in their natural habitat. Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and mule deer roam the high country. Look skywards, and you might spot a golden eagle or peregrine falcon in flight. It’s not just land and air: the Hidden Lake is a habitat for native cutthroat trout, which can often be seen from the overlook.

Hiking Experience

The hiking journey in Hidden Lake Trail is a sensory feast. The scent of spruce, the sound of gushing waterfalls, the sight of snow-capped peaks against sublime sunsets, all provide a multi-dimensional experience for the hiker.

A roundtrip hike to the Hidden Lake Overlook is approximately 2.7 miles. While the trail is well-maintained, it is recommended to dress comfortably in layers and have proper hiking boots as the trail’s initial sections can be snow-covered, even in summer.

Photography Opportunities

Hidden Lake Trail allows ample scope for capturing stunning visuals. Be it the grandeur of Bearhat Mountain at sunrise, the vivid rush of wildflowers in bloom, or the majesty of Hidden Lake against a backdrop of twilight, photographers will find this trail a treasure trove of breathtaking frames.

Hiking Safety

Given the trail’s altitude and the presence of wildlife, safety precautions are paramount. It’s essential to respect all park regulations and guidelines, keeping a safe distance from all animals, and never feeding wildlife.


Hidden Lake Trail stands out as one of the richest hiking experiences Glacier National Park has to offer. It provides visitors with a stunning panorama of natural beauty and captivating experiences. This trail is more than a hiking destination; it offers an immersive journey into the heart of nature.

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