Eagle in Flight and Star Spangled Banner Set of Glass Blown Ornaments by Old World Christmas

$ 32.50

For centuries it was believed that the eagle could look directly in the sun and that it was reborn by diving into a fountain. Christians adopted this symbolism, comparing the eagle looking into the sun to Christ looking at His Father and the fountain as the renewal of the soul through baptism. Today, an eagle may often be spied on the baptismal fonts in older churches. The United States flag is a symbol of freedom, equality, and justice. Its red stripes denote sacrifice and courage, the white stands for purity of purpose, and the stars on the blue field represent the unity of the states. The Star-Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key in and is the national anthem. Flying the flag demonstrates true patriotism and love of country.

  • Show your patriotism and love of country with this pair of hanging ornaments.
  • Displaying the American Flag and the Eagle are wonderfull way to show your spirt for the United State of America.
  • Eagle shown from both sides
  • Eagle is 4 1/4", Flag is 4"