JB Industries CCLE-72 CLE Series of Kobra High Pressure Hoses (Set of 3), 72"

$ 49.99 $ 72.17

CLE Series hoses feature a blowout resistant gasket. Our patent pending design of the fittings features a hood that locks the gasket into the fitting with a straight edge to straight edge force that eliminates the blowout of the gasket. The barbed depressor locks into the gasket, exuding more outward force and pushing the gasket further into place. This depressor is precisely machined for maximum flow and has a dimple that guides the valve core into place. Kobra high pressure hoses are made from Kevlar - the same material that stops bullets in bullet-proof vests. Kevlar makes our hoses strong and flexible, while the nitrile cover extends the life of the hoses better than neoprene. Kobra hoses are made in the USA.

  • 800 psi working, 4,000 psi burst - 5 to 1 safety factor (beats industry standard of 4 to 1)
  • Made out of Kevlar - Use rebuild kit 90514
  • Use P511 replacement gasket - Use P90514 replacement depressor